The organizing committee of the “Open All-Ukrainian competition of the ART SPACE Interior Award” established to coordinate and control the work in all areas and activities related to the implementation of the competition “ART SPACE Interior Award”. The head of the organizing committee forms the structure of the Working Group. The curator and the author of the project – Angelica Garusova.

The Organizing Committee:
LIW SPA technology Company,
and ID interior design companies,
Angelica Garusova’s agency.

The functions of the Organizing Committee are:

  • Control and coordination of the Competition;
  • Determining the conditions of the Competition (stages of evaluation, methods of participants evaluation);
  • Determining methods for selecting the expert jury;
  • Making a decision on the composition of the European jury;
  • Public announcement of the Competition launch;
  • Carrying out activities in the information campaign of the Competition in accordance with the approved plan;
  • Collecting applications for participation in the Competition, verification of registration compliance with the requirements and conditions;
  • Registration of participants;
  • Pre-processing of applications for preview;
  • Coordinating the work of the jury;
  • Approval of the election results by the Expert and European jury;
  • The organization of award ceremony for the winners and nominees of the Competition.