Within the framework of the ART SPACE 2017 interior prize by FAKTURA.UA, FREEDOM, LIWSPATECHNOLOGY, Rouche boboise, a platinum card with a face value of  10000$.

Conditions of participation:

Drawing of a platinum card with a face value of 10000$ is conducted among architects, designers, decorators, architectural and design bureaus, who are clients of FAKTURA.UA, FREEDOM, LIWSPATECHNOLOGY, Rouche boboise.

To participate in the Lottery Customers of the above-mentioned organizing companies should contact the company’s salons directly for full information on the terms of participation in the Lottery and receipt of the medals.

Before the beginning of the gala concert of the ART SPACE 2017 interior prize, it is necessary to register the received tokens in the lottery commission.

Register tokens in the commission Lotteries can be given to owners of tokens in the presence of a passport, as well as their representatives with the power of attorney to represent the interests of the participant and the passport. If the tokens are not registered in the Lottery commission directly on the day of its holding, these tokens will not participate in the Lottery itself.